Entry Door Systems

Our dramatic entryways deliver a clean look and pleasing aesthetic appeal for your home. Designed with an adjustable and continuous sill and centre-post construction to resist wear and provide a tight seal, our single-door and sidelite systems feature a low-profile design and drip edge to ensure that water is kept away from your home.

  • Clean look with continuous sill and common mullion post construction
  • Low-profile sill design for a more manageable threshold
  • Adjustable sill ensures year-round tight seal
  • Pleasing aesthetic appeal with black co-extruded cap to resist wear
  • Clean look and reliable performance with concealed door sweep
  • Tight seal with bubbles and fin feature
  • Integral drip edge sheds water to sloped sill
Entry Door Features
Concealed door sweep (left), Adjustable sill (centre), Continuous sill with common mullion post construction (right)

French Door/Double Door

Hinged from side jambs, enabling both to swing open or one to remain fixed.

Premium Fiberglass Exterior Doors

We offer a variety of architecturally inspired fibreglass doors, from the traditional, Colonial appeal of a 6-panel door to the Old World charm of a planked-style door. These panel designs are available in two realistic wood grain textures, or select our smooth surface option, which can be painted to complement your home.

Fiberglass Door Designs
2-Panel Planked Mahogany wood grain, with grooved panels (left) 6-Panel Oak wood grain (centre) 6-Panel Smooth finish (right)
Craftsman Door Style

Craftsman Door Style

A wide selection of decorative door lites are available, as well as unique designs. These unique Premium Fibreglass doors are available in a range of sizes to suit your project. They arrive with a light beige prime coat, making them ready to take your choice of stain or paint.

Featuring a rich, authentic panel profile, these doors are available in a wide variety of styles with a wide range of door lite and side lite options.

Door Lites
3/4 Lite (left), 1/2 Lite (centre), Top Lite (right)
Door Sidelites
3/4 Sidelite (left), 1/2 Sidelite (right)