Sliding Door Panel Configurations

Sliding Patio Doors

This patio door is manufactured from the most advanced vinyl, a high-grade resin recipe that is unmatched for strength and freedom from wear. Combining beauty with performance, this sturdy vinyl door will not rot, rust, pit or blister over time. Its multi-chambered, vinyl frame is durable and easy to install. The patio door slides open along horizontal tracks at the head and sill of the frame. Maximized strength means this door can withstand high winds and provide superior air tightness, which makes it perfect for areas that open onto decks or patios. Vinyl patio doors are ideal for new construction or renovation projects, allowing for maximum light into living areas. These doors come with high-quality accessory and upgrade options such as security, colour and finishing options. Frame dimensions include 5′, 6′ and 8′ widths by 6’8″ (79 1/2″) or 8’0 (95 1/2″) tall.

Features & Options

  • Available in solid colours of White and Desert Sand (tripane only available in White)
  • Also available in your choice of 10 standard paint colours
  • Features jamb extensions in vinyl or clear wood
  • Dualpane or tripane glass available with Low-E or Low-E R coating

1.Vinyl Frame

The 5 7/8″ mechanically fastened vinyl frame comes with 3 weather seals and an anodized screen track with stainless steel rollers. The all-vinyl sill is sloped at 8 degrees for optimal drainage. All components are easily installed and replaceable.

2.Reinforced Vinyl Sash 

The sash is reinforced with steel, to withstand high winds, and equipped with a double perimeter seal for superior air-tightness. Both 1″ (dualpane) or 1 3/8″ (tripane) sealed units offer optimal thermal performance. The sash glides smoothly on adjustable nylon tandem ball-bearing rollers.

Standard Hardware 

Solid-colour doors come with matching (white or desert sand) hardware. Paint-colour doors come with standard black (outside) and white (inside) hardware.

Sliding Door
1) Vinyl Frame 2) Reinforced Vinyl Sash

Optional Features

Grilles Between the Glass

Grilles Between Glass (GBG) are an aesthetic option that provide a luxurious appearance using various design patterns placed within the glass. This makes them an attractive and low-maintenance decorative option.

Decorative Grilles

Optional Locking System

The Two-Position Kick Lock mounts on the bottom of the operating door and is used as a secondary lock. These unique handle sets can be configured with single-point or heavy-duty multipoint key locks.

Raise/Lower & Tilt – Blinds Between the Glass

See Raise/Lower & Tilt – Blinds Between the Glass section for details.


  • White
  • Desert Sand
  • Brilliant White
  • French Vanilla
  • Ivory
  • Windswept Smoke
  • Commercial Brown
  • Chestnut Bronze
  • Steele Gray
  • Moonlit Moss
  • Black
  • Arctic Silver