Bay Window

Bay Windows

A bay window is made up of three or more windows. The side or flanker units project out from the building in 30 or 45 degree angles. The center is parallel with the building wall and is made up of one or more windows.

Bow Window

Bow Windows

A series of four or more adjoining window units, commonly five in number, installed on a radius from the wall of the building. Bay and bow windows add elegance and extra light to a room. The angles allow for greater outdoor exposure and make a room seem larger. Great in kitchens, family rooms, master bedrooms and even living rooms, bay and bow windows create a bright and open feeling.

Specialty Windows

Geometric/Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows come in several options for maximum customizability. They are produced to your exact specifications, making them perfect for custom renovations.

Specialty windows come in various shapes including: rectangles, triangles, trapezoids, octagons, pentagons, half-rounds, full rounds and ellipses.

Mull Window Units

Mull Units

Mulling is the act of attaching two or more window units together. This provides a modern, clean, custom design.