Casement Windows

A window unit in which the sash is hinged on the left or right side and usually opens with a crank-type handle. These windows allow maximum ventilation.

Casement Window Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right) Casement Window
Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right)

Awning Windows

A window hinged at the top, which opens out in an upward swing. You can get these styles of windows in dual pane or triple pane glass.

Awning Window Interior View (Right), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right) Awning Window
Interior View (Right), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right)


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  The dual-arm assembly effortlessly pushes the sash out and pulls it back into place. The hardware is sealed to the vinyl frame to minimize air leakage and infiltration.

Paired with a standard multi-point lock, the window is securely fastened in one, two or three points, depending on the windows height.

Nested Folding Handle

Nested Folding Handle • Stylishly Recessed

Casement & Awning Exterior Options


Choose from a generous assortment of traditional earth tones and exciting architectural colours. We offer two solid window colours – White and a solid colour Desert Sand, or you can choose from 10 full exterior and brickmould colour options (inside of the window is white).

The full exterior of the window and trim can be any of these colours. If you don’t want the exterior to be a solid colour then you can have it two toned, such as a Desert Sand window with a Commercial Brown brickmould – shown in this picture. Interior of the window is white.


Desert Sand with Commercial Brown

Example: Desert Sand with Commercial Brown

Grille & SDL Options

You can also get Grilles Between Glass (GBG) or Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) for Casement and Awning style windows. See the grilles section for details.