Tripane vs. Dualpane

Our insulating glass is available in dualpane (two glass panels separated by a sealed airspace) and tripane (three glass panels separated by two sealed airspaces) glass options. Tripane glass is especially appropriate for extreme climates, since it provides additional glass and airspace for improved insulation.

Note: You cannot get triple pane glass in sliders, single hung and specialty windows due to functional limitations.

Low-E Glass

This type of insulating glass not only lowers energy costs but also significantly blocks harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and the sun’s infrared heat, so homes stay cooler in the summer and interior furnishings fade less. In the winter, it helps keep homes warmer by reducing the amount of heat lost by reflecting it back inside and reduces condensation.


A colorless inert gas that is injected in the airspace of an insulating glass unit to improve energy efficiency.

Obscure Glass

Our non-decorative doors and sidelites are available with obscure glass inserts to let light in while maintaining privacy.