There are many grille options that you can choose from to customize the look of your windows and home.

Grilles Between Glass (GBG)

These are available in all window styles.

Grilles Between Glass (GBG) are an aesthetic feature that provide a luxury appearance through various design patterns placed within the glass, making them an attractive and low-maintenance decorative option.

GBG are available in several styles including narrow grilles in White, Pewter, Black and Brass, and wide grilles in White and Desert Sand. Patterns available include standard Rectangular, Prairie and Transom or a custom pattern of your choice.

Grille Colors

(Left to Right) Rectangular, Prairie, Transom 3, Transom 6

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)

These are available in casement, awning, fixed and picture windows.

Permanently adhered dividers that are placed on the interior and exterior of the insulating glass unit to replicate traditional window grilles (muntins). These lites show the same putty bead profile as the window sash to create the appearance of traditional window lites and are available in four widths so you can mix and match on the same window. An optional internal shadow bar completes the authentic look. Read more

  The exterior of this type of grille comes in the same colour as the exterior of the window, while the inside of the grille will be white like the inside of the window. The shadow bar gives it the 3D look.

(Left to Right) Rectangular, Prairie, Transom 3, Transom 6

Grille Patterns for GBG and SDL

The grille patterns you can choose from are: Rectangle, Prairie (see pictures above) or customize your own Transom grille pattern.