Slider Window

A window unit in which one sash moves (glides) horizontally past a stationary sash on a groove or track. Slider windows combine long-lasting durability with low maintenance… Read more

Our ES3500 vinyl sliding windows feature a variety of elements designed to increase thermal efficiency and reduce your heating and cooling costs, including: JELD-WEN exclusive multi chambered design; full- perimeter, high quality weatherstripping and fusion- welding on the frame corners to create the tightest seal possible.

Slider Windows Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right)Slider Windows
Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open (Right)

Single-Hung Window

A window unit composed of two sashes, one stationary upper sash, and one operable lower sash which moves vertically up or down in the frame for complete control… Read more

of air movement. Slider and single-hung windows are available with dual pane glass only.

Single Hung Windows Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open View (Right)Single Hung Windows
Interior View (Left), Exterior View (Centre), Open View (Right)



Cam-Lock is standard hardware for single-hung and slider windows. Metal cast to ensure airtightness and security, Cam-Lock is easy to use and comes in neutral white.


Visible latch indicator, Locked (Left), Unlocked (Right)

WEN-Lock (Optional) The WEN-lock is our exclusive, easy-to-engage automatic locking system, which is optional with Willmar single-hung and slider windows. It features a slim profile and has passed all forced-entry resistance tests.

Slider & Single Hung Exterior Options


We offer two solid window colours – White and a solid colour Desert Sand, or you can choose from 10 exterior brickmould trim colour options.

For these types of windows, if you don’t choose the Desert Sand solid option, your window will be solid white interior and exterior. If you don’t want the whole exterior of your window to be white then you can choose from this assortment of traditional earth tones and exciting architectural colours for your exterior brickmould colour to give your window the two toned look.



Grille Options

You can also get Grilles Between Glass (GBG) for Slider & Single Hung style windows. See the grilles section for details.