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When you need new windows for your home in Calgary or area we can help you find the best replacement windows for your budget and needs

Simply Yours Windows Doors company was founded in Calgary in 2007.

We feature energy-efficient Jeld-Wen windows and manufacture our Factory-Direct windows with the same energy-efficiency as brand-name windows at a lower cost for Calgary consumers.

Window Replacement Benefits for Calgary Homes

Low E glass for windows
Helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer

Environment Canada lists Calgary as having over 2396 total hours of bright sunshine - one of the sunniest cities in the country. Calgary can also have severe winter conditions producing extremely cold temperatures.

Replacing old windows with energy-efficient windows will greatly reduce heat-transfer loss or gain in your home and provide for more comfort while lowering your utility bill.

We can help you choose windows that can reduce the amount of heat entering your home during the summer or keeping warm air from escaping during colder winter days.

Home Improvement Windows

Rebates Available

Rebates of up to $1500 are available for the installation of new, energy-efficient windows in your home. Call us in Calgary (403) 613-3039 to find out if you qualify.

Simply Yours Windows Doors is a Home Improvement Rebate Program’s Approved Contractor

Energy Efficiency Alberta

About Replacement Windows

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Energy Efficient Windows made for Calgary Weather

Windows and doors can be one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home. Energy Star® windows can reduce your energy consumption, averaging 8%, when compared to a standard window. Energy loss is even higher with older, outdated windows and doors.

Maximize Energy Savings with Replacement Windows
  • We feature Energy Star® windows certified for Calgary's weather zone
  • We are an experienced, professional window installation company in Calgary since 2007
  • We recommend higher-insulation value windows on the north and east side of your home which will reduce energy loss during cold winter days and nights
  • We offer specially coated windows to reduce your home being heated by the sun in the summer for south and west facing windows
  • Our windows have insulated frames and sashes to reduce condensation from building up on the glass

Replacement Windows Options & Choices

You have more options than you may realize when replacing the windows on your home. You can add to the aesthetic appeal by adding window styles or configurations to change the symmetrical design of the windows on your home.

Geometric windows
Add geometric windows for symmetrical design

You also may want to add ease of operation of a window, reduce solar heat gain of south and west facing windows or increase ventilation.

Considerations for Replacement Windows

Security and Safety

Calgary building codes require egress windows for basement bedrooms for emergency exit in the event of a fire. Installing horizontal sliding windows allow for easy egress and will provide excellent ventilation when open.

For increased security of first floor windows we can install picture windows(1) (non-opening providing maximum security) while casement windows(2) (swing outward) or awning windows(3) (opens from bottom and swings outward) which are difficult to unlock providing both security and ventilation.

Awning window
(1) picture window
Casement window
(2) casement window
Awning window
(3) awning window
Considerations for Weather

Because of the varied temperature changes annually in Alberta you’ll want to consider window options which will help you keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

We can help you choose windows that will allow for improved fresh air ventilation for warmer days and windows that allow for both ventilation and feature tighter seals to reduce heat loss in winter - important for north and east facing windows.

Replacing old windows with energy efficient windows and making good choices of the type of window depending on its location will reduce your energy cost and provide better comfort.

Operating Windows

You’ll want determine which window provides the most convenience for opening and closing depending on the placement and location on the home.

Over the sink kitchen windows that are easy to open can include horizontal sliding windows(1) or casement windows(2) with an easy to use crank or awning windows(3) (exposed to the prevailing winds and summer storms) which will reduce the amount of rain entering the window.

Double hung windows(4) for upper floor windows with tilt-in sashes are designed for ease of cleaning providing maximum convenience for hard-to-reach windows.

Sliding window
(1) sliding window
Casement window
(2) casement window
Awning window
(3) awning window
Double hung window
(4) double hung window

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