‘W is for Windows’ at this SW Calgary Pre-school

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If you get a +12˚C Saturday in January (in Calgary), it’s a gift. You enjoy it for as long as it lasts – because you know what’s coming next. The owner of the Inverleigh pre-school in the Calgary residential community of Millrise recognized an opportunity when it appeared. A sunny, warm weekend in Calgary was perfect […]

Quality Residential Exterior Renovations 101

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How to Completely Transform the Appeal and Energy Efficiency of Your Home When Don H. decided it was time to renovate his home exterior, he didn’t realize how much he would enjoy the upgrades, but this is what he had to share when the project was complete: “First of all, just coming to the conclusion […]

French doors open to new backyard enjoyment

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Upgrading your doors can be an exciting time, but part of the fun comes when you realize the vast number of cost-effective, durable product options that are so readily available. Replacing aging sliding doors with artfully crafted, exterior French doors continues to gain popularity in a market where customers with an eye for design, want […]

New life for a McKenzie Lake Home

McKenzie Lake

It started with a draft, and then the family began to notice the energy bills were increasing. This is a fairly common scenario, particularly with the temperature variations we experience in Alberta’s climate. Often times, the first reaction is to start replacing windows and doors, but the greater benefit can sometimes be uncovered with a […]